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everyone has their own little internal world - a secret garden only they can enter.

Aimless Date

I haven’t written a fic for a while, and I wrote this for someone! :D

This is a fluffy AoKise drabble that started from this prompt, I’m not very good with keeping in character sometimes, but I did my best! 

Anyway, just a couple GoM dorks being the dorks they are. > w< Enjoy!

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Er, so, this has from little to nothing to do with Summer, but at least is related to KagaKuro. xDD Courtesy of Cyclone5000 for throwing the idea at my inbox (months ago and way before this event, but… *shrugs*).


I have preorders up for these medium sized bags with Utena and Anthy on them! This is the second set of preorders, so please forgive me if you’ve seen this already.

Bags have a hidden pocket with zipper inside and are very durable (and easy to clean). Each preorder will come with a free sticker of either duelist Utena or rosebride Anthy (measuring approx. 2 inches)! 

You can purchase them at my storenvy here! Thank you!

Other bags and items will be added to the store soon for the following series: Samurai Flamenco, Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, and Madoka Magica. Please look forward to them.


redrew their magical first meeting! also first time I’ve redrawn a scene ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ